Ophelia Julien
Author of YA Supernatural Suspense Fiction
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Ghosts, Graves, and Groves

I’ve had many of my fiction readers ask me about turning my weekly blog “Freaky Friday” into a book. But, as I looked at many of my stories, a number of them had links to websites or newspaper articles, so there were copyright issues. I had quite a few of my own stories, but not really enough to create a book. Then, my good friend and paranormal mystery writer, Ophelia Julien, told me that she also had a large selection of personal stories, but not enough for her own book. So, we collaborated and “Ghosts, Graves, and Groves” was born. (Like Dr. Frankenstein yelling, “It’s alive!!!)

The name of the book comes from, well, obviously ghost stories, but also Ophelia’s paranormal books always have graves on the cover and my paranormal books always have trees – so we thought “Ghosts, Graves and Groves” represented who we are and what we do. I hope you enjoy this selection of true stories. These are either incidents that happened to us personally or stories that we heard from the people who experienced them.

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