Ophelia Julien
Author of YA Supernatural Suspense Fiction
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Dream Him Dead - A Bridgeton Park Cemetery Book: #7

What if Leslie Wilder had never come into the Poet’s Corner Bookstore? And what if Michael Penfield hadn’t been the one standing at the sales counter that day? Michael wondered idly if that would have changed what happened, but he didn’t have time to wonder for long. Leslie Wilder’s appearance seemed to trigger a cascade of worrisome supernatural occurrences in his and girlfriend Cassie Valentine’s lives.

First Cassie hears someone—or something—knocking at the bottom of her staircase. And then she experiences a trance-out that she can’t remember. Michael dreams about Cassie being followed by a dark cloud, one that swallows her before he can stop it. And could Leslie’s bookstore visit be connected to Cassie’s own devastating dreams? Cassie does her best to research what little she knows, hoping to find a solution to their paranormal troubles. But Michael worries that she’s finding more questions than answers. A cloud, a forgotten trance-out, horrific nightmares…and then there’s the man with no face.

The two of them know that they need answers. If only they knew where to start looking.

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